Happier by Myself

Happier by Myself

Heeyyyaaa minachan! Here I am, back with another poem. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not about how being single is better than being with someone, but it also is not not about that. Teehee. It’s about how some people do better single, and that they do not need another person in order to feel whole (besides Jesus, of course). Some people are happier by themselves. 🙂 I wrote it as a woman who had been hurt by love, and who came to the realization that she felt happiest by herself.


Why do I need a man brand?

Why do they claim it to be?

I don’t see what is so grand

About having someone follow me.


Sure, love is all right for those willing

See, me, I’m better off with myself

No emotions of mine over-spilling

I’d rather prefer the company of a shelf.


Don’t worry, I’m quite sane

Despite what you may gossip

I don’t care for the settled down bane

Nor do I want another man’s lip.


Leave me be, I don’t want to wed

Let me go from this expectation

I prefer more space left in my bed

Even if I’m the only one in this nation.


The skies are whistling my name

The people, they say I’m senseless

I don’t care, but I seem the only dame

Who, without a man, is bent less.



“Beautiful” Poem

“Beautiful” Poem

Hello mina-saaaan! How are you all? I have another poem! What is it about? Fake beauty. Fake love. Someone who accepts them as the truth, and refuses to change. What does real beauty mean? Dedicated to my friend’s mom Nicole who has shown her exhusband and the world what real beauty means. That beauty isn’t just on the surface.



You want someone beautiful, don’t make me laugh

You only judge the outside and how fit a body is craft

You only see with your eyes, that is why you’re so daft

All your women are empty seashells scattered in glitter


A fat woman is undesirable, unwanted to the pathetic man

For if he had her, he’d see how she puts others before herself

And if he looked around, the broken are beautiful in them self

But all he sees is the surface and all he wants is fadeable


Cardboard bodied women are not worthy in his prideful eyes

Yet, he wants poster board women, computerized to his liking

Watch as he goes from girl to girl, bored as fast as lightning

He’ll die alone, because no woman could satisfy his hunger


The simple women, the broken, the imperfect are tossed aside

The ones who would have stayed with him till his old age came

The ones who were beautiful, but not in society’s name

For that is what he made himself to be, a lie enforcer


And maybe… just maybe, if he changed the way he thought

There would have been someone fit just for him in every way

A person who would help him improve himself every day

As time began to change, his handsome face would change,

His eyesight would change, his appearance would change.

Still, the only thing that mattered did not change.



Renew (Poem)

Renew (Poem)

Hello minasaaan!! How are you all? I hope well! If not, I may have just the right medicine for you, a Poem. 🙂 I always seem to post so late at night, lol. At the end of last week, working and life was more struggle for me than usual. I made it through. I understand that I can’t get through a single week ignoring God and several times have shown it to be true. So, after a Sunday of rest, I’m going to start anew. I’ll be the person he means me to. You can do the same. Make it a day where you take control of your emotions, and trust in the person who believes in you most. God.


Tomorrow I will wake up new

Start the day off like someone who grew

I am not the person I was yesterday

I am only what I decide this day.


So that is why I will smile sincere

I’ll be the person I want to wear

The bad week and life I may have led

Will not determine my new thread.


For I have rested and am new

Clean and bright I’ll prove it true

I’ve asked for help and God came through

A life without him, I’d be black and blue.


No one except me can carve my way

Through the blessings of a new day

If I open my eyes and look to see

I’ll find a person proud to be me.


Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Hey hey mina!! Apparently today is the Anniversary of my blog haha. Thanks to those who have stuck with me all this time and to everyone newer who have just started following!! ❤ It means the world for people to like my writing, comment, and simply read my posts!! I’ll keep doing my best! Love you guys! (Caution, the poem is sticky sweet. Prepare wet wipes.)


My Friends


Oh, glorious persons in ribbon shine glow

Lucky am I in your presence, you know?

Forget the time as it crumbles ‘neath your sole

I have finally found someone suited in soul.


Such love we share, none could compare

As we walk the lane, wind brushing our hair

The Amaryllis match your aura in soft delight

I can’t imagine a better you, in any sight.


Come closer, learn me better, and I you

We shall spend hours in storybooks, days never blue

Breathing in our childhood , living like Peter Pan

I can do anything if you hold my hand.




Us against Depression

Us against Depression

Heyyy mina!! How are you all!! I’m feeling rather sad. A kpop idol named Jonghyun committed suicide this year. I didn’t know him. I didn’t even follow the group, I just knew maybe a couple songs from them. Still, it hurts. Tonight I read his last letter and saw his last video. It hurts to realize what depression is like. It’s suffering like I’d never imagined and I never thought I could understand suffering just through a letter and a video where his face looks so thin and his heavy eyes so hard to look at.

Suicide is terrible. Suffering is terrible. To many people, life may be terrible. But I want to say something I heard from Anne with an E. “It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it.” Life is hard, life is beautiful, life is what you make it. So don’t give up on it. Even if it seems impossible to continue on. Don’t take on this burden alone.

If anyone needs someone to talk to, I will always be here for them. Maybe I don’t know you, maybe you don’t know me but do you know what I know? I know the very person who created you and those he has made to be your brothers and sisters will not leave you to suffer. Let us carry you when you are too weak to go on.

Here is my poem that doesn’t really rhyme haha. If you want to make a difference for those suffering, read it. Then take the words and make them into actions. Make them into movements.

What is a Smile?

I’m learning

the importance of smiles

Like never before.

I’m learning

A fake smile

Can seem real.

I’m learning

One smile

Can change a day.

I’m learning

A smile can

Contain anything.

I’m learning

A smile can be

The beginning.

I’m learning

Smiles have

Hands unseen.

I’m learning

All victims may need

Is to be loved.

I’m learning

That a

Smile is

More than

A look.

People Balloons

People Balloons

People are like balloons

When they’ve been going for so long

They loose their height

And the strings begin to drag them down.


But they can be refilled

If they find the only man who can

It doesn’t matter how long they search

The maker is the only able hand.


Once they take a moment to refill

They fly as high as before

And there is nothing that puts smiles on faces

Like a sky-bound balloon.


Teachers Teach but will they Listen? (A Letter to all Teachers)

Teachers Teach but will they Listen? (A Letter to all Teachers)

Dear teachers of all kinds,

First of all, my name is Kimmie. I’m a college student. I was home schooled for a good amount of my life, been to home school programs, so maybe I have no right to ask this of you. However, I am a student, there’s no denying it. I want to tell you something…

When I was in high school, there was something wrong with me.

I had some kind of OCD. Just doing a simple math problem took forever because I felt I had to perfect it, I over thought things, I got distracted. My teacher allowed me to do less problems, but it didn’t help. I was distracted, I was a perfectionist, I was in need of help. It was like that in many subjects. I couldn’t concentrate or I would concentrate too hard. It’s hard to explain exactly what was wrong with me, but it wasn’t making my time at school any easier. Every week, on the days I had school, my mom would drive me to school. I’d feel inordinate dread, tired, suicidal once even… all because of the stress of homework, the lack of sleep I hadn’t thought was important, and the problem I was dealing with. 

It wasn’t the teachers’ fault. It was entirely my own. It was my sick mind that didn’t understand how to care for myself or how to fix my brain out of its OCD tendencies. Several assignments were missing each week, piling up on my plate with each passing month. There was a time, when a teacher scolded me for not getting my work done. It wasn’t too harsh, and it was just a sentence of disapointment, but it was the bullet in my cracked armor. My walls shattered all around me, my eyes were burning with the tears I strangled back. That was when she showed up.

My English teacher, who shared a similar name, Mrs. Kim. She was a fast-talking teacher with bundles of energy, who everyone adored. She wasn’t yet my favorite teacher, but after this, she would be even more than a teacher to me.

She caught me, with watering eyes, after the teacher had made that comment. She could tell I was hurting, could tell that I needed someone to take me aside and help me. So she did. She gave me a lollipop, and we made a plan together to help me concentrate on my work and see how it would go. Out of all the teachers in the school, she was the one who took notice and acted not in the way she figured was best but in the way she thought was best for me. She supported me, she loved me, she listened to what I needed as a student and as a person. I felt like someone finally was reaching out to me in a way that I could understand and she gave me solutions that could help me. Real solutions I could try and see if they worked. I now had someone who was there for me, who understood me, and that meant more than I can express in words.

I felt like Harry Potter, when he finally found out he had a Godfather, someone he could talk to and depend on. Someone who would listen to him.

So, I want to say to all the teachers out there: Listen to your students. If they’re hurting they won’t speak up about it, so you have to be the ones to notice and to hear them when they do talk. For all those who think that teachers should just talk, I say to them this… how can you speak, without first being able to hear? If you want to reach your students’ hearts, and get through to them, then listen! Listen to their needs, listen to their story before making assumptions, listen to the screaming voice inside them begging for help in what they most struggle with. Listen.

My ears are yours,

Kimmie (A.C)