Update!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Update!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hey mina-sannnn! How are you guys? I keep wanting to write in Japanese but the majority of you don’t know it, lol. XD Just nod and smile boys…

The semester is almost overrr! Hurrah!!! ಥ‿ಥ I’ve learned quite a lot from my: Japanese, Poetry, Child Psychology, and Mythology classes! Including acquiring the ambition for another career. Along with being an author, I’ve decided I want to try and become a translator! Translating manga, being a tour guide, or the sort. Once I learn enough Japanese, I’ll even be able to write poems in Japanese! Sugoidesune? (I’m sorry.)

It’s been quite a busy year, and I’m glad for it. I got to experience so many things just because I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried. I think It’s helping me become an adult, while I maintain my child-like imagination. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I know it’s important to grow up, but not lose your childhood either. Hrggg when you want to explain something but you don’t know how to explain it.

Any matter, Poetry class gave me great ideas, and helped me improve greatly in my writing. You know you’ve improved when you can look back on your old poetry and be like, “Mmm girl, that needs to be fixed.” I even won a prose contest, which is my first contest that I won in! So expect a great deal of poetry, once I fix them up a bit. I should be able to post some tomorrow.

Thank you guys for staying with me for so long! It means a lot to me that people read, like, and feel something from my poetry. I’ll keep working on improvement. With the new year, I’ll wake up as a new person, and my poetry will keep on changing with me. I hope you can stick around to witness that change. Thank you.

Your friend, Aegyo-Chan. Kimmie. ღ






If I Met Someone Like You

If I Met Someone Like You

HEY MINASAAAAAAAANNN!!! How are you guys? Haha what an interesting greeting. I have another poem for you guys, free verse. This week I got to meet one of my favorite singers and song writers ever! His name is Alec Benjamin. He writes incredible songs about his experiences, life, and others. His style is really something different, and I love it. Meeting him was peculiar, because the man on the screen was right in front of my eyes. He could talk to me, look at me, and hug me. So this song is about before I met him, when I met him, and after I met him. He’s an inspiration to me, and I want to achieve the kind of poems that hold the listener like his lyrics do.


If I Met Someone Like You


I like listening to your voice with headphones

Because you echo and there’s only you and I

And when I take them off you don’t fade

You only get louder and louder with each new day.

And I went through so much stress just to get here

And I never knew you were really real

So when you looked me in the eyes and smiled

When your face was skin and you stood right here

I couldn’t believe that you were a person too.

Those songs I drank and here you sung

Those pictures I saw and you were their truth

You were bullied and loved and lived and were

You aren’t just another character you can feel too.

People talk to you daily and you get tired too

You have a life back home and friends who joke

Painful memories and childhood pictures just like me

And I was so surprised and I was so ecstatic.

So when I left you behind in that drunken bar

Drive back through the shadows and light in the night

I took a hero with me inside my heart

And he still hasn’t left



If Heaven (Poem)

If Heaven (Poem)

Hi Mina-saaaaan! Long time, no see! Hope you are all doing well! I have a new poem for you all. It’s still a work-in-progress but I hope you like it!


If Heaven

If Heaven looked like this…

These draping clouds and teardrop skies

A world beneath the earth’s silent cries

Hushabye lullaby and wind as my rocker

Country roads leading with grass blade talker

…It would be truly wonderful.


If Heaven looked like you…

Death would taste so sweet to the lips

Hurdling oceans of wispy dips

Eyes would not complete the meaning

Only the heart could feel your beaming

…It would truly be wonderful.


If Heaven was like them…

The gates would let me in so kindly

Helping hands guide me unbindingly

Forgive my wrongs praise my achievements

Rain their individuality to smooth the dents

… It would truly be wonderful.


If Heaven was like these…

My eyes would be satisfied and close

Decide upon my loveliest death pose

I’d lay before me my life to the great curtain

Forget the beauty of this world in attempt to attain

…and it would truly be wonderful.


No Tears (Poem)

No Tears (Poem)

Hey Mina-san!! How are you guys? I have another poem for you. It’s about not being able to cry. It’s something I’ve experienced before, and I wanted to describe what It’s like.


No Tears


I am not. human.

I hear it. does it register.

like sand. my heart.

won’t feel.


terror. then what.


ringing silence world.

and what am I.


no taste for talking.

walking. walking.

loud laughing world.

but why can’t I.


confuse me restless.

tired. unable.

day is gone.

what survived.


waking sun.

resting. dead.

cannot explain guilt.

why won’t they come.


goodbye new day.

no good. sorry.

I cannot. dry.

I’m begging… come.



The Devil at my Door (Poem)

The Devil at my Door (Poem)

Hi mina-san! How are you guys? I’m back with another poem! This poem’s true, and is actually something that happened to me yesterday.  Now, his presence is no longer at my door, though he is always waiting outside of my gate, he can’t expect to be let in. No. He will not be.


The Devil at my Door


Yesterday the devil knocked hard on my door

I knew he was there, shuffling, trying to get in

It’s my own fault, not locking the garden gate

I could only pray that I wasn’t too late


he stood behind the wood and tapped his foot

my eyes were marbles, cold and black

Fight it. Don’t let him in. Drive him away!

I blinked and I found myself drenched in gray


streaks of good and evil soot across the room

I left from beside the door getting back to work

time tediously ticked but he stayed right there

ready to pounce, if the door blew from here


then as the night climbed down its way

his presence was almost washed from sight

what was it that called him to leave my head

had God shut the door to my garden, enter it instead


little moments shielded me behind that door

like Little Flowers dripping from Heaven

simple acts of kindness my friends had stayed

and from this carried blade, that devil is slayed.