I dunno where this is going to go (Blog)

I dunno where this is going to go (Blog)

Hey mina!! How are you guys? Fall is beginning to creep into the skin of all who live amongst the changing seasons. Meanwhile, I am trying to learn to accept the change. The change of weather… the change of events spinning me in a carousel.

People are like lush green leaves. You let them onto your branches and into your heart. Still, leaves always stretch towards the sky, rustled by the wind constantly, and soon you’ll find them leaving your lonely branches and onto the winds train. They can’t stay, people have two feet, they aren’t meant to stay in one place but to run to the voice of God, calling them to whichever air current he breathes for them.

I swear, I’m so used to writing poetry on this blog, I am talking all in metaphors haha!

Recently, one of my favorite managers left to begin a new journey at another store, and many other friends have left my job for another. But, I’ve come to find that new friends aren’t so impossible to make. Perhaps, even someone who might be more than a friend.

Yes, I confess it. I have a crush on somebody. If he ever finds this blog, haha… no, that won’t happen… I pray. XD We met at my work, and after a little while I started to have a crush on him, and he evidently feels the same way, (unless I’ve imagined this entire thing and he is just a figment of my imagination). So, as someone who has never been in a relationship, let’s see how this goes. Good luck, buddy.

As for school, I’m taking: Japanese II, Ceramics II, and Math. Quite frankly, my dears, even though math isn’t my favorite, it’s a nice break from the repetitive classes. School is fun! I like it, and my professors are lovely. I recently even wrote an entire story in Japanese, with the handy help of google.

Yes, yes, I know, this doesn’t have much of a plot twist, but there you have it. I could talk about my worries, frustrations, and struggles, but you’ll just have to wait until It builds into a poem muhahaha. XD

Thanks for reading, hope you guys are doing well! A fall poem is coming up next! ^^


Fireflies to Catch (Poem)

Fireflies to Catch (Poem)

Hey mina-san! How are you all? I have a new poem for you! I know I said I’d be giving you a love poem, and this isn’t the one I had in mind, but here is a mixture of a heartbreak/love poem. Shh, don’t tell anyone, but it’s based on a true story. 😉



Fireflies to Catch


You made my heart tender with those dusty eyes


unknowingly beating it, soon after.


When you parted, I never moved on


but maybe you never shared that sameness.


It doesn’t matter, because I hesitated


It doesn’t matter, because you didn’t feel the same


but my heart still ached, because I loved you.


My crushes are few, still, they last a full episode.


My crushes always get crushed


my feelings are forced to float into stars.


Sometimes I look back at them,


I feel their warmth again on my cheeks


but I must move on, or be crushed forevermore


no point in waiting for a broken watch.


Now, I think I like someone else


and this new warmth is filling me.


I’m releasing another love-bug


wondering what will become of this one.


Will it be crushed with his heel?


Will his die in the time I wait?


Will it never take off?


My heart is sore


and I am scared




The night is crowded


I watch from below


eyes unsettled.


Out of all the fireflies,


which one glows for me?

Me (Poem)

Me (Poem)

Hey mina!! How are you all? I’m super busy with work and school, but the weekend is almost here and I can finally breathe.  Speaking of such, here is a poem that really helped me breathe. You might call it, a “Me” Poem, a poem about my life. Including a random face reveal in the picture~! So, here it is:




Life has changed

like I never imagined it would. Everything

seems to be the same when you stare at

the front cover, but drowning in the pages 

It’s so different. 


Turns out I’m still a child but 

I don’t really mind. It keeps me sane sometimes.

I’ve been through countless numbers of friends,

as if they were money in a mall. I miss them, but

I can barely even recall their names. Am I a bad person?


I still feel behind them all, as they leave

to move on to new positions, jobs, states, countries…

However, I’m beginning to tie my running shoes

I’m learning to run– sprint– catch up!

I’m going to pass them all up, then

fall back behind with a smile

and go at their pace to keep them company.

No, I’m not gonna let them leave me behind.


The night sky is never lonely

and the day’s sky is never unsmiling

so I’ll just fly up there to bring back

some encouragement!

I don’t even need to look that far,

the world has two sides to it:

the side that wants to kill me

and the side that wants to save me;

but I decide

just which it is. 


I’m not perfect, and that’s okay..

I’ve hurt loved ones with the blades

of my heartless emotions, slicing

them, until they felt worse than me, 

and then I blame myself unforgiving. 

But I’m learning to apologise immediately,

thank God for that because

Life is short.


Out of it all, the earthquake-changes like

my dad’s heart attack, my mom’s stroke, my best friends leaving,

learning not to be silent, but to remain kind;

or even the insanity of the unchanged that tugs along

the crude boat of unwanted change,

here I am.

Still alive, still fighting, still writing and righting.


Dear me, remember one thing more,

take it one day at a time.

You can’t change the past,

but the sun will come out tomorrow

and with it

you will see a new light

guiding you to the road less taken.

Take it.

A Question

A Question

Happy Friday, Mina-san~! Here’s a piece of writing that tips to randomness, but is not without amusement.


A Question

How do I write so eloquently, like my lips are flowers whose leaves spread in pure

delicate butter? My body wants to dance! Twirling, spinning, amid the other authors; but

my mind prevents me with an arm held in front. I wonder what it’s like to fall in love, to

step out of the imagination and experience the sensation nobody can really describe

sensibly. How do people find courage when snow blocks their carriages and chalks their

horses? I have so many questions, so many longings, so much more to do.

I need to learn! To live! My imagination craves it. Minds: humanity’s most useful and

dangerous tool, besides the strength of their souls binding to each other’s lives, If given a

choice between one, which would most people choose? There’s something living inside

me, it’s warm and dear, I think that is my soul. Watch me writing like the reminiscence of

past ways, something has returned to me. A sense of definition, or maybe something

much less, something my soul grabs for… a question to be answered

Thank You 100+ Followers!!!

Thank You 100+ Followers!!!

Hey mina-san!! Thank you all so much for over 100 followers!!!! It’s been my goal for a

while to reach 100 followers, so when I hit it, I was ecstatic!! I hope that my poetry and

writing has allowed you jump into the stories they tell.  Please, don’t hesitate to

comment! I am always open to suggestions on: improving my writing, comments about

how my writing relates to you, praises, etc…


My journey as a writer is just beginning, and you ain’t seen nothing yet! Although school

and work feels like two vampires that want to drain my energy, but aren’t so bad once

you get to know them, I hope to make a vast amount and variety of writings for you to



I might make a poll on what you’d like to see me write next, whether it be: more poetry,

short stories, opinions, blogs, etc… you can also comment down below what else you’d

like to see in this blog! A poem about my crush is coming up soon, so be ready. 😉


Thank you all for sticking with this mad writer,


Yours indubitably,




Separate Pages, Same Story (=FLASH FICTION=)

Separate Pages, Same Story (=FLASH FICTION=)

three black ladies at a table.

summer sweat and arguments

ignoring the world behind their backs

all while criticizing it to a shame.

hours are drops in a drink

strangers embellish the windows

men, children, shadows.

a restaurant of happenings

masks stare in pepper-red eyes.

memories of this sameness

no-good boys talking it up

tight dresses and lipstick

free drinks of any kind

young and stupid

trouble and tears

yet, in it together.

sun slides into talk-exhaustion

lips crumble of dry

furniture creaks asleep

blinking in the reality

laughing till they’re dead.

three black friends at a table.



What do you think? Haha mine still ended up being poetry. This Flash Fiction is based off the picture and is 98 words, just shy of 100. 😉 Thanks to Jade M. Wong for introducing the idea to me through her amazing flash fiction HERE

Write a flash fiction too!!! Yus you know you want to:

Flash Fictioneers 

I Feel Stupid (Rap/Poem)

I Feel Stupid (Rap/Poem)

I feel stupid

Nah, not the stupid where you don’t know your left from right, I feel stupid behind, like

I’m running full speed and can’t catch up to all these normal people. What am I doing to

myself that I can’t match their strides, why am I so slow, It makes me so frustrated to see

them all ahead when I’ve started long before them. They tell me everyone is like this, but

then why do I feel so much more behind than them, like they’re in middle-school

counting math and I’m still a preschooler picking my nose. If I died tomorrow what

would I have accomplished, sitting down in a chair avoiding what I’m supposed to be

doing, no I don’t want to go like that, I want to go down and leave my ghost on this earth.

What difference does it make when I’m too scared to move, too frightened to step up, too

scarred and bruised, from what! From what! What made me different, what dislodged

my legs, why am I like this? I want to climb higher than any of them, so their necks hurt

when they look up at me, but will I be satisfied with that when simplicity is all I ever

truly wanted? No, I refuse to push, I push too hard, refuse, push, I’m one dragging-

zombie mess. A pill can’t fix me, making mistakes everyday and feeling like I’m not

learning anything at all. Someone tie me up in a mental asylum, because maybe then I’ll

have a chance of going somewhere. I feel stupid. Yeah. I feel stupid. Now, here I am

complaining about this mess, not going out and fixing it. I really am stupid.