I can be anything (Poem)

I can be anything (Poem)

Hey ya mina! I’ve returned from my vacation to Europe (not to flex on anyone). I have a new poem! You can be anything, don’t let limitations hold you back. Except for Batman. Only Batman can be Batman. 😛



I can be anything


I can be anything they tell me

but I don’t know where to start


“Anything” is a wide category

shortened by society’s strings


I think I’d like to be the rain

cleaning the lives of people


Could I be homework then

I want to be forgotten at times


If I were an old man’s walking stick

I could finally support someone


To be an ice cube would be alright

I could cry without being judged


Poetry would be a perfect job

stand there bleeding my feelings


How about a stop light

telling people to slow down in life


As a cloud in the sky

nobody could look down on me


To be a tiny plant would mean

I could see a new perspective


A window seems happy

a world in its head


Or a confession

freer than any bird


I’d like to try being a spider once

nothing can kill those things


Perhaps a sad book

to share someone’s pain


Dust isn’t exactly the top job

but I could have some quiet at least


What I really want to be 

I can’t say I know 


Maybe I’ll be a bit of everything


Waking up in France

Heyy mina~ I went to France (I’m now in Germany) and wanted to write about how wonderful it was. It was magical!! I absolutely love France. Hope this poem can deliver the feelings I felt, Waking up in France.


Waking eyes to stainglass brewed light

Hearing the speed of the train hiss outside

Comfort to know only I am awake

Thinking without having to talk

Watching without having to avert

Dreaminess a new story romanticizes

Slipping like tea bag tears into my lashes

Seeping into the wonders called curiosity

Smells of a church though it bellows across the street

Strange book titles that tingle the tongue

A city behind the white curtains

Sorry I got no sleep

France has woken me with her soft brown cream

Embellished in spiraling wood

Atop painted promises

Similarly Different (Poem)

Similarly Different (Poem)

Similarly Different


I’m not that girl at the party reading,

I’m at home reading, duh


I don’t hang out with friends,

you can’t hang with voices in your head


I’m just like them, I get jealous

of 2D characters


I too look at the world with eyes,

that shimmer in child’s wonder


They think they are so different,

I take that word to new levels


They go to school because they have to,

I go because I’m bored and curious


They live each day with no question,

I imagine so many possibilities


I grew up in the same society,

but I snip away its ideals


Yep. I’m like them in every way: Different.

And I love it

Blogging like a Blogger in a Blog

Blogging like a Blogger in a Blog

Hey mina~! Wassup? Augh, maybe I should start a blog off more professional-like? Ahem

Good evening, my fine companions of writing hobbies and tasks most abhorrently taken to.  *Looks up definition of abhorrent* Ah, so that’s what that means. Quite right. 😛

I reckon I ought to create a blog post or something, in addition to poetry, for those people that actually like to read these lol. ANY MATTER! Here’s what’s up!

I’m going to Germany very soon! The first week of July, to be exact. I’m going to visit my best friend who moved there! So, my dear readers, you may come across a break in my poetry publications for a couple of weeks, since I most likely will not be bringing my laptop. However, when I come back, be prepared for poetry from the eyes of a young adult in the country of her ancestors.

I hope you look forward to it!

In other news, I am entering– drum roll please– tum tum tum another writing contest for my library!! Shocking!  The story I am writing, and certainty using this blog post as a form of procrastination, is about Aladdin and his journey to set free his tiger Jinn, Rajah. It’s the story of Aladdin, twisted into my own version. I’ll keep you updated on the results, and perhaps post a little of it here!

Other than those two big spoons dripping of news, I am simply enjoying my summer and trying to experience life more. I hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for sticking with me! Get ready for what’s to come!




Perfect./? (Poem)

Perfect./? (Poem)

Hey mina, hope you are all doing well! The weekend is almost here! Hehe, here’s a poem for you~ It’s about the obsession with being perfect, when one is imperfect. Take a gander~





I am the queen of a mansion more important than the white house

each day, I demand the impossible of the only worker there

working her down to the bone, until her under-skin stings

she’ll sit at the end of the day and her mind will still be running.

The floors must be sparkling, the ceilings must be dust-free

It must be perfect, to the point nobody seems to live here.

Cinderella never went to the ball without cleaning

Cinderella didn’t go until she looked perfect

now you too must follow this lead

until the final clock chimes its last notes

you must keep up the act.


I know you aren’t perfect, but I want you to be

and so you will be.


Every night when the mansion is without a fleck of dirt

I sit down and listen to the silence of a perfect house

but then Crackle! A teacup smashes to the ground

and then it’s not just one– but hundreds




the perfect dream

and I am alone in this mess.


The cleaner of this mansion


Just Because (Poem)

Just Because (Poem)

Hey mina! Thank you guys for so many follows! Love you guys, don’t be shy to comment constructive criticism or what you liked about the poem. ^^ This poem is about suicide. The message of the poem is to not give up on living. Life is more than suffering, it’s about loving others and learning to love yourself. I hope it connects.



Just Because 


take the bottle, jane…

just because you hate yourself

just because you aren’t perfect

just because you can’t find a purpose

just because nobody loves you

just because you have failed

just because you spill with anger

just because you are lost

just because you can’t get up


Just because you are like me

Just because I love you

Just because you’re perfect to me

Just because your purpose is to be my friend

Just because you have unseen family

Just because you can still try again

Just because you will find happiness

Just because you’re lost and found

Just because I’ll help you get up

Don’t take the bottle, Jane.


The Silent Heart (Poem)

The Silent Heart (Poem)

Hey mina, yo! 😛 I’ve just got home from vacation and guess what I have~ a bad back and a disposition to become a hermit. No, silly, I have a poem! This is a poem I wrote based off a story I’m writing. The story is about a young adult in the North Korean army who gets murdered after saving a man. He is brought back to life by God, with a new purpose: save the world before WWIII ends it. There’s a catch, part of that is suffering in his part-dead state.

Here is the poem.



The Silent Heart


the man the dead can touch comes forth.


eyes of bone marrow,


darkened beneath sockets of graveyard caskets.


the earth’s crust opens to emit his choice.


look around, dead man, your brothers-to-be


lest you rise, so rise.


the world drips in false angels


and you, good child, will be the villain


with crippled wings.


the silent heart


truer than those of the living.