Will Always Remain (Poem)

Will Always Remain (Poem)

Hello mina! How are you all? I hope you’re doing well. If not, fight, fight through what you’re going through. You can make it because I believe in your strength and I will lend you mine.

I was watching Anne with an E, which I unexpectedly love. The girl, the scenery, and just the entire feeling got me inspired to write again. What you are about to read is a part of me, and is a part of you, whether it is the past you, the future, or the present. What makes it true or different will be the choice you chose in the end.


Will Always Remain

If I left your life

Would you still be in mine?

I wonder it from time, to time

The answer is known but

the reality has yet to be sought

For in all my lives, truth cannot be wrought

Memories are not just tangible

As they proclaim them to be

They are pieces that live in us

They are what keep us we


Shy as I am, quiet too

I’ve noticed things others have forgot,

If you don’t set your heart to it

It’s your soul which will rot

That is why I cannot stay at home

Amid the comfort of secluded comb

For the world is waiting for me

Memories are more and more

As time continues to pour

They keep me, me and keep you, you

For time may bear uncountable roads

But those we’ve frolic through

Continue to pile, by the loads

Which leads me to remember

As If I could ever forget

Watching fall the embodied embers

I have realized it

If you are to leave my life

And so it has been true

I will never leave yours

Never, as the world fades from view.



Twiddle the Riddle

Twiddle the Riddle

I’m called nothing but I dwell with the diseased.

Not something that can be seen but can be felt.

Christmas, St. Valentines’ Day, birthdays are empty.

Because of me, days seem longer and dull.

What am I?



I made a riddle! Mina-san, what do you think the answer is? Check below for the answer~! -A.C


Answer: louǝlᴉuǝss (Upside down)

Would I do it Again? (Poem)

Would I do it Again? (Poem)

Hope you’ve all been well! ^^ It’s been a while, ne? Gomen, I missed writing and here I am again. Here’s a poem I did not too long ago. Memories spiraling among my brain have found themselves hung high for those to see. Although, they feel like yesterday, they now remain as a part of me. Lost? Never. 🙂


Would I do it all Again?


It was just last year, wasn’t it?

When I was in high school, when I was in middle school

The first story that got me into writing like no other

The first teacher who reached out to me like a friend

If I could, would I do it all again?


Was it really two summers ago?

My first job, my first dive into the adult life?

But I was so young and now I’m just me

Still, why does the memory feel close but far?

If I could, would I do it again?


I miss it all, the people, the places, myself

I was a different person, and yet the same

I’ve matured, but is it for the better?

I’m still clinging on to my past, begging it to stay

If I could, would I do it all again?


My best friend has moved, I’m drifting apart

My New Year’s Resolve seems to have left my heart

Doubt it fills me like an empty glass

Until I look again and once more is half full

If I could, would I do it all again?


I miss it all, so dearly enough to cry

Even the hard memories shine in their own way

But the past is the past, and I am in the present

I cannot go back, because what would I have learned?

It is me who will embrace what’s to come.



Why I’m a Kpop-a-Holic

Why I’m a Kpop-a-Holic

Heyo, Aegyo-chi here~! Finally I’m doing another blog, instead of always doing poems. XD You can’t turn away now, I’m pulling you into the “circle” of my imagination.

“Hello, my (stage?) name is Aegyo-chan and I’m a Kpop-a-holic.”

“Hello, Aegyo-chan,” echoed the strangers in the room.

I waited for them to ask me what the heck Kpop was, in which I’d simply put, It’s Korean pop music. They didn’t ask.

I peered deeper into the shadows. These people… with black or white t-shirts. What looked like names were on the backs of their shirts, and album titles or group names on the front. They had strange hats with rings in them, or potato bag clips on them. Wait…

My head fell down to my shirt, it had a group’s name on it too. I felt up at my head. Good grief there was a hat and rings were stuck right through the visor. Panic started at my heart and washed through my veins. “The disease has consumed me,” I choked under my breath, the room seemed to ring with the words. Then they rested on the people, and revealed them for what they were. Obsessed.


Ahahahahahahaha what the frick was that?! My blogs can never ever be serious, can they? Well, that was somewhat Kpop through my eyes. XD What really is Kpop though?

I never thought I would get into Kpop. I was Japanese music biased before Kpop, but one day, after watching a drama, I listened to the song Magnetic on YouTube, along with the dance practice and I was in.

Kpop honestly brought me to a new type of music entirely. A type of music English songs hadn’t introduced to me in 19 years. Kpop is so many things, and I know exactly where to begin. Different from group bands in America, the Kpop groups usually have a different bond, one that’s stronger than just friends or bandmates. They’re no less than family to each other and they treat their fans as such. Not that American bands aren’t, I’ve just seen a closer bond in Kpop bands then in some American ones. After all, they do live videos for their fans, live together for a period of time, do TV series, etc… along with practicing and shows. To entirely understand, you’d have to see for yourself. Their bonds put more meaning into the songs, more emotion when there’s a story behind it.

The music is passionate on a whole new level. Catchy songs, thoughtful words, incredible dance routines. Korean is an incredibly beautiful language, just like French but unique in it’s own way. The way the words sound are so gentle and smooth like a baby’s bottom. Easy enough to learn when you listen to Kpop 24/7. XD I just LOVE speaking different languages, including Korean! In case you haven’t noticed…

Now, why might you ask are people so addicted to kpop besides the reasons I have mentioned? Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it. These boys are… fine. They’re fine as heck, okay?! Don’t look down on me! Look at this face and tell me you haven’t fallen in love, tell me you haven’t forgotten that the world contains darkness–


Those dimples!! The light in his eyes!! hshvfgkrdshfjhrdusk,hfrek,gsugfjre You’re being sucked in, save yourself before it’s too late-!


*Sigh* I’ve come clean on my obsession/passion. You have something to hold against me now, to blackmail me with.

wELL! I’ll bet you weren’t expecting me to be a fan girl, mina. Actually, I’d be slightly surprised if you didn’t know with the amount of Asian pictures I post, the sidebar links and what I said in My First Date! blog… heh. Just so you know, looks aren’t everything. I pick my biases (favorite members) based on their personalities, thank you very much.


Ok, sorry you had to go through this post if you aren’t a fan girl/boy. XD Gomen. Thanks for sticking through this random kind-of-pointless blog~! You’ll thank me in the future if I get you into Kpop. Or not.



In case you’re curious, songs that will wow you:

I Need Somebody – Day6

Butterfly – BTS

Mic Drop – BTS

Confession Song – Got7

Tomorrow, Today – JJ Project

Don’t Listen- Seventeen

A Poem about Work

A Poem about Work

Heyheyhey~ mina~! Thank you so much for 21 followers, it really means a lot to me. 🙂 My day at work began out rough today, but I was reminded how much the people I work with care about me, and how God looked after me. I was going to make a poem that started out good and then got bad, but somehow I ended up writing about what work has been like for me. Enjoy!



The peace of the morning

The light climbing the booths

The courtesy and condemnations


The noon chatter and clatter

Familiar faces, kind ones

Strangers, friends in the making


Sleepy 4 o’clock will come

The next rush begins anew

Best memories of fun wiggle forth


Preclose, get dirty, get down

The faster you clean, the better

Waterlogged shoes and open minds



Money’s Leash

Money’s Leash

Happy New Year, guys!!! Here’s a poem I wrote before the year was over. Hope you likey, likey, likey!


Money’s Leash


I am a poor author

Richless with words

Noticed by no one

Money is of no difference


I see those abundant

I cry for what they have

Patches bear my sentences

Money is of no difference


I could buy my words a suit

Dress them all spiffy

They would lack something

Money is of no difference


Creativity, it flows and it goes

I could buy thoughts

I could borrow ideas

Money is of no difference


Money is mindless

But mindful is man

Originality is sought

Which has the upperhand?



Paul Kindlon: “Stupid Mouse!”

Interesting, quality writing.


“Stupid Mouse!”

Every journey begins and ends in the imagination. Filtered through time and the emotional pauses of experience. Cleansed of all rational falsehood and meaning. This much have I learned and perhaps more. What I will never know is the why: that probing after-thought of jealous consciousness. Like a curious young boy left behind who insists on knowing the details of his older brother’s dangerous exploits and manly adventures. The pleasure of memory robbed and replaced by a desperate yet harmless guessing game.

But my little mind wanders, I suppose.

Still in the labyrinth, I feel about with my extremities, aware of the sound of running, scratching and bumping into. The smell of my error in a bloody trail.

Wherever I go from here can only lead me away from the point of escape: that liberating space free from the search.

And so I remain. Lost and hungry.


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